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IMB researchers are working with industry and communities to tackle the devastating environmental and economic impact of cane toads across northern Australia, and we need your help.

Professor Rob Capon and his team have discovered a way to turn the cane toads’ own toxin against them, which has real potential to eradicate this long-term pest.

"We identified the tadpole attractant chemical released by eggs and have repurposed it as a bait to attract tadpoles into traps."


How you can helpHow you can help

Our Cane Toad Challenge (CTC) community will play a vital role in helping us with research, and the production and distribution of these baits and traps.

Help us get this technology out of the lab and into the community where it can make a real difference in the fight against cane toads.


Are you an individual member of the public?

Become a member of the CTC community so we can keep you updated on our CTC research and eradication program.
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Are you a not-for-profit organisation? 

We're looking for relevant non-profit organisations to help spread the word about the CTC and/or help us trial and improve our bait technology. Apply today to become a CTC Affiliate. View our Cane Toad Challenge affiliates flyer for more information.

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Are you a company or Government authority?

If you're after cane toad solutions tailored to your needs, or you think you can help us develop and distribute baits, apply to become a CTC partner.  View our Cane Toad Challenge partners flyer for more details.

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Your donations will help bring this solution to the cane toad problem out into the community. It will also support our researchers to design and develop more advanced cane toad bait technology, and test its effectiveness in the field. We welcome donations of all sizes.

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